Leadership Team




Pastor Thurman Norville received his undergraduate degree from Augusta College and his graduate degree from Georgia Southern University. He is currently in the 3rd year of study at Emory University, Chandler School of Theology, Course of Study, in Atlanta. Prior to his appointment to St. James, Thurman served at Blythe United Methodist.

Thurman is married to Nora Smith Norville. They were married in 1978 at Nora’s home church, Grace United Methodist Church in North Augusta, South Carolina. Thurman grew up in St. Mark United Methodist Church in Augusta. Nora is a teacher of 30 years, and is currently teaching at Episcopal Day School in Augusta. Nora is also the former Director of Christian Education at Aldersgate United Methodist Church in Evansville, Indiana.

Thurman and Nora have 3 daughters and 6 grandchildren.

Thurman’s faith journey started in the 70’s as Youth Director at St. John United Methodist Church. Thurman was also employed by St. John Towers during his years at St. John UMC. Thurman left the ministry in the 70’s and spent 10 years working in the mental health and developmental disabilities arena. He also spent 23 years in the pharmaceutical business.




Administrative Assistant Marilyn Grau came to St. James in 2015. With a B.S. in Business from Indiana University and 30 years’ experience directing federal volunteer programs, she serves as secretary, newsletter editor, bookkeeper, rental agent, and Jack of All Trades related to the church office. Marilyn assumes volunteer leadership roles in several community organizations, including the Harmony River Chorus, Mistletoe State Park, the Garden City Strummers, and her own church, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.





Organist Walter Harwood first played St. James’ historic organ when he was 16 years old. Walter graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

He was organist and choir director for several local churches prior to returning to St. James.

Walter is currently working with elderly individuals to monitor and improve quality of life. He has a passion for hospice and end of life care.

His clinical background includes extensive experience in a variety of settings to include emergency, surgery, medical/surgical and out-patient care.

Walter is father to Katie Harwood Johnson and grandfather to Bobby Johnson.

Come and hear him unite us in song and prepare our hearts for worship. E-mail




Sexton Raymond Hookfin is a native of New Orleans who came to St. James in 1986, after settling in Augusta following six years in the Army. In addition to looking after the building and grounds, Raymond operates a food pantry and closet as community ministry. For those wishing to consider St. James as a possible site for a wedding, Raymond will happily give a tour of the facilities. stjamesunitedmethodist50@gmail.com







Bobby Baxter is our volunteer song leader on Sunday mornings. He says this is how he serves his church. He has two sons, Christopher and Kyle. E-mail